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Just watch out for the manatees coming in and out of the canal it is a manatee highway! There were so many manatees in the springs that I took over 250 pictures with my little Kodak point and shoot underwater camera. The manatees are so inquisitive as long as you don’t kick and splash they will come right up to you! We are already planning the next trip. Highly recommend..

If you shelled out some good money for a new iPhone 6 Plus, you might want to hold off on putting it in your pocket. Otherwise, it might come out as a different shape than when it went in. That, a taco truck that might have been selling sides of meth, and much more, today on BDC Now..

Agents were able to use an unknown method provided by an “outside party” to gain access to Mr. Farook’s phone, which they hoped would provide more information about planning for the December attacks in California, which killed 14 people. Farook and his wife, Tashfeen Malik, were killed later that day in a police shoot out.

From there, you can see the image framed up in the touch screen, and you are able to take a picture and store it in your picture log just as you would in the standard camera application. What Steady Cam does is make the image much less shaky and give it a better chance at coming out well. The iPhone camera tends to get high resolution images, but it is especially prone to blurred pictures.

The leaves on a tree are the visible desires, the objects like a car or an iPhone or iPad. The sap that runs in the veins of the tree is the thought energy that feeds the desire. Like all living things, there is an energy that makes the sap run through the tree from within the roots, deep under the ground, hidden from view..

The Bruins had played and/or partied non stop since October 2010. The B’s rolled through the ups and downs of 82 games last season and pulled off a historic playoff run with three Game 7 victories before closing it out with that spin around Fenway Park on Father’s Day. The metaphorical debauchery of the Stanley Cup continued non stop across several continents running until the start of training camp.

Reviews from angry parents on Amazon and Toys Us described experiences similar to the lead plaintiff daughter got this as a Christmas gift from her grandma,” one post on Toys Us read, according to the lawsuit. “We opened it and did just what the box said only to have it do NOTHING!! it never lit up never made noise nothing. After 4 hours and my daughter crying because its not doing what the videos show.”.

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