Several Salon readers offered to share with me their experiences of reading books on their phones. Like Thompson, most of them say it’s the convenience, portability and constant accessibility of their phones that makes interstitial reading possible. Catelyn May of Atlanta, Georgia, works in sales and often finds herself unexpectedly stuck in waiting rooms and in need of something good to read, preferably a classic.

Although this was somehow addressed by iOS 4.2, there are still some iPhone 4 users experiencing the problem. So, what are the solutions? Actually, there are several fixes to this iPhone 4 problem but the easiest one perhaps, although not a sure way of solving the issue is to unplug your modem, router and even shut down your PCs. Turn on everything again, starting from the modem, router, and then try going to the Settings of your iPhone 4, choose Wi Fi, and then connect.

The best part of these iCloud webapps is that they are free. It comes with an iCloud membership which is also free. You are given 5 gigabytes of storage with the free account. The UI design is very similar to Paint 3D’s, though it’s more useful for annotations than creating art. Don’t expect any super fancy editing features here. You can also set your keyboard’s Print Screenbutton to bring up the Snip and Sketch app with just a toggle in Settings.

Since this is probably the first time you using the app, you can just ignore this option and instead select the Create New option. When creating new notes, you have the chance to give them a title, subject and tags. Actually, the only required field before you can start writing your note is the title field so you can just ignore the other options if you wish.

Hahaha well I could argue that MacBooks aren’t cheap either, but a pretty significant percentage of their users are what’d you’d call average consumers. I probably should’ve said, for average users, ie. Those who use their laptops mainly for browsing the internet, streaming, etc.

Kids ages 8 and up, moms and dads included, can get into the action with the NERF Zombie Strike Outbreaker Bow. With real crossbow action and a five dart rotating drum, it is perfect for hours of zombie battles. The set includes the blaster, bow arms, five darts, as well as instructions so your tween or teen is totally set for the “walker” wars about to take place.

Gap’s earnings in this most recent quarter were largely in line with analysts’ expectations: Revenue dipped 2 percent to $3.9 billion. The performance of each of its major brands was largely consistent with what we’ve seen from them for months: Value priced Old Navy chugged along with healthy sales growth, while Gap and Banana Republic saw sales sink as their fashion failed to entice shoppers. The retailer’s stock was down 2.6 percent Friday in early afternoon trading..

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