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Sure: Think about data centers. Spending is up, but automation means that jobs are down. Look at what happened with data center automation: a data center administrator used to be able to manage five or 10 servers. The employee might have pressing familial commitments making it difficult to honor the work schedule.Stress owing to poor working conditions, conflicts at work, conflicts outside work, or any other reason.A psychological dislike for work or an inability to adjust to the work routine. This usually solves the issue if the employee has no other pressing concerns.At times, the management will have to work with the employee to evolve solutions on how to control absenteeism. Possible solutions from the company’s side include:Allowing limited time off for personal errands on requests.Arranging for child care or fulfilling a similar need.Referring the employee to an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for issues such as alcoholism, inability to adjust, and the like.Changing the settings of the workplace such as ergonomics, climate control, and others to make work less stressful.Taking steps to prevent and resolve conflicts in the organization that make employees dread coming to work.A carrot and stick policy will solve most cases of time and attendance problem with employees.

And I rejected it. To add fuel to the fire my mothers side of the family in essence pretended my sister and I didn exist after their divorce stemming from their extreme “Christian” beliefs. My fathers side of the family also holds the same beliefs near, however as ive grown older they wee more concerned about my father and to a half assed extent to my mother “place in heaven” not nurturing or to truly take care of me; who was stuck with them when my step mom and dad were off doing whatever.

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As part of the universe, we are part of that cycle of change. The experiences you have today will impact you in such a way that you will awaken tomorrow changed in some way. Once you have hit your forties or fifties, the kid you were in your twenties is pretty much gone and a wiser you is standing..

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