It remains to be seen how bad the fallout for Bone will be from all this. Like any sudden meme, Bone was already cashing in on his viral fame while the going was good. He has a limited run T shirt deal, and became a spokesman for UberSelect just on Thursday.

Scrabble tiles. One of the most fun aspects of making Scrabble tile coasters is that kids can choose the words for their coasters, which is a great opportunity to work on spelling and vocabulary building. I highly recommend taking Erin’s advice and using cardboard or another stiff material, such as chipboard, cork, or tile, for the backing of these coasters.

4. Birthday Lineup ActivityYou can make a 5 10 minute icebreaker turn into a way to have students change partners. Students have to line up by communicating with each other with only gestures or body language. Depending on what city you are in and what restaurant it could run the gamut. In places like San Fran, Seattle, and Vancouver, people wear jeans and t shirts to the best steakhouses in the city. LA, New York, Chicago you might be out of place if you aren at least wearing a jacket..

That being said, all of that changed last week. Last week, whilst surfing the bowels of the internet, I came across a new trend slowly developing in the underground hockey world. A new trend that is bold, exciting, and possibly insane. They sure are not the best, but I do find them value for money, at least comparative speaking. It not the hot water that shrinks a wool sweater, it getting it damp and agitating it. The hotter it is while agitating, the faster it will shrink; being fully wet (as opposed to damp) mitigates the felting process somewhat.

Preparing and Cooking Topi TamboBefore cooking these tuberous lovelies, dirt must be washed away from their hard, outer skins. Typically, they are then boiled in salted water for twenty to thirty minutes. The salt seems to enhance their flavor. Wrong? Never! Insensitive? perhaps. Reckless? assuredly. Shameful? Never.

The reason for the recent rapid growth but no increase in activity is that Reddit started to bundle our subreddit with new account signups so the numbers are not accurate anymore. Previously we were hidden from the front page so we only attracted users who seek out a hiphop subreddit. I believe this is not good for keeping the community at the highest possible quality but I don’t think there is much we can do about it.

Getty ImagesSix years ago, Andrea Hutton was in the shower, going through the motions of her habitual self exam, when she discovered a lump in her right breast, just above the nipple. “It seemed different from anything I’d ever felt before,” she recalls. “It was rounder, harder like a pebble.” Andrea’s primary care doctor sent her for a diagnostic mammogram, and after a few weeks (and more tests), the mother of two and interior designer from Bellevue, Wash., had her fears confirmed: stage 4 breast cancer.

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