Like if someone does something that REALLY pisses me off, I take great pleasure in telling them off and putting them in their place. It feels good to essentially make them feel bad in that moment. But then, like less than 10 min later, I feel truly awful and find myself apologizing..

No one said anything about the games. But if some games were available that would be cool. Doesn’t even have to be games. The argument for Voynich being Turkish was that there are a lot of words, seemingly, ending with the same set of symbols, signaling an agglutinative language. Not borrowed. I think it still very unclear what Voynich is in and requires tons of more research.

I don’t know. I want whatever you want. I want you to be happy too. I came into this thread to suggest this! I had a friend who gave up sugar for lent and ended up just never going back. She lost a bunch of weight and felt way better. The first couple weeks were rough, but once your body stops craving it you might find yourself actually DISLIKING the idea of overly sweet treats..

Most fresh salsas also have calcium chloride in them as a preservative and a firming agent. It keeps the tomatoes from turning into mush. That mush is what you want when making a pasta sauce, that what makes it saucy! but the tomatoes in salsa that have calcium chloride wont really ever break down properly..

That list doesn’t really impress me. You have no idea what Senzel Trammel or Santillan will be. And Sony Gray was really bad last year. The Paramedics arrive and suddenly realize they don know how to get me out of the attic as the stretcher won fit through the hole in the ceiling. At the same time I debating with the one working on me that I don want them to cut my Montreal Canadians jogging pants . Finally a friends mother spoke up and said she would sow them back together and I agreed to the deal even though looking back I realize I had no say in the matter.

And we don’t want to take advantage of your kindness. So thank you all so very much. From my wife, from myself and from our kids. Organized Religion has devolved into a powerful entity, you see it on both sides both Islam and Christianity. The people pushing it don’t even believe it most of the time they just use it to get power and money. Perfect example is the mega preachers and televangelists that have cropped up.

9) This place is really freaking overpried. I lived in a double, and paid over 1,300 dollars a month to live here. Even though this room is about the size of my bedroom without the closet at home, as well as the fact that I had to share this room with someone else for half the year.

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